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The premier ARC coodrination program, helping airlines from around the world access the US market.

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What is it?

The AACP (Airline ASP Coordination Program) is a unique U.S. product, which provides global airline carriers with variable cost-based access to the high-producing U.S. market, and secures airline ticket offerings to the 310 Million U.S. population via various Travel Agency distribution channels.

With over $15 Trillion in GDP and a very active Travel marketplace, the U.S. traveling public books over 25% of all worldwide airline tickets. 32% of global RPK's (Revenue Passenger Kilometers) are generated in the USA, and the demand for accessibility to global destinations is growing exponentially. The USA, being an "all immigrants" country, provides VFR (Visiting Friends and Family) traffic for airlines from any corner of the world while globalization has meant US companies are continuously looking for opportunities around the world generating Business traffic for these airlines. A travel media-driven as well as an affluent and adventurous society ensures strong leisure traffic to all continents. The U.S. market also enjoys the strongest Students travel traffic due to the world's greatest universities intersecting with the deep pockets of aspiring young talents.

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Explaining AACP

What is AACP?

AACP is the ARC ASP Coordination Program, which enables airline to work easily with ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation) located in Arlington, VA. It is based on a contract between ARC and AirPros Group, and secures provision of legal, financial, distribution and marketing support in the USA.

AACP is an efficient tool to access Incremental Revenue from the US market.

What are the benefits to join AACP?

In the American market global airline carriers can obtain access to the 14,000+ accredited US travel agents, which is larger in number than all British, French and German travel agents combined. ARC participation is key to the successful distribution within these US travel agency channels. The AACP program facilitates this and secures ticket sales via OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), TMCs (Travel Management Companies), CTDs (Corporate Travel Departments), consolidators, tour operators, consortia, and MICE (Meetings, Incentives and Congress Events) planners.

As part of the program Airline carriers receive continuous guidance and support regarding the specificities of the US market, and enjoy customized distribution strategies, not the typical "one size fits all" approaches known for only having a GSA representation in the USA. Additionally, AACP breaks down the complexity of the ARC settlement and reporting processes, and secures in a timely manner Revenue Accounting information, data interpretations and reporting about the billing and settlement of ticket sales.

AACP is a holder of the Partnership Excellence Award, received in recognition of outstanding service and dedication to ARC and all airline partners.

What is ARC

ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation) is the equivalent to the IATA BSP. It provides accreditation to 14,000+ travel agents and connects them with 200 participating airline suppliers at present time.

The ARC process works in the following way

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The Advantages of joining ARC

  • Critcal access - ARC offers access to the lucrative distribution channels of the vast U.S. market, including 14,000 points of sale.
  • Rich Market Oppertuunity - ARC settled $89.6 Billion in ticketing transactions in 2014.
  • Access to U.S. Corporate and Online Markets - From the high yield corporate traveler, to popular online bookings engines, ARC's market reach is broad.
  • Carrier Branding - ARC provides increased visibility and brand recognition throughout the world.
  • Direct Payments - Carriers receive weekly cash settlement and enjoy daily credit card processing.
  • Industry Insight - ARC COMPASS ® supplies marketing and business intelligence data that helps carriers make important strategic decisions.
  • Data Security - Carriers rely on ARC's Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification to store and maintain the integrity of passenger ticketing data.
  • Participation Levels - We have cost-effective participation options for carriers of all sizes and business models, including internationally-based carriers.

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What does AACP include

The following services are included with your AACP:

  • Weekly processing services
  • Weekly wire transfer to your designated bank account (additional $15 charge for international)
  • Preparation and electronic transmission of the Carrier Accounting Transmission (CAT) file
  • Preparation and electronic transmission of the Electronic Credit Card Billing (ECCB) file
  • Ability to revoke ticketing authority from any ARC-accredited agency location within 24 hours
  • One-time download of the Agency List File a data file listing all participating agencies
  • Risk management services
  • Assignment of dedicated account manager
  • Access to various on-line tools and reports.

The joining options, available to any airline carrier, are three:

  • Transactions Only Program: entirely based on variable costs and most suitable for start-ups and existing off-line air carriers, looking to build their own U.S. sales and brand recognition.
  • Associate Carrier Program: partially based on variable costs and suitable for air carriers with growing volume and increasing cash flows.
  • Full Carrier Program: designed for airlines with consistently high volume of ticket sales, and securing the lowest cost-per-transaction ratio.


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